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As the technological advances continue to progress, we have dedicated a site to bring you all the latest news out of DS Dolls and EX Doll.

The First Generation Robotic Head really is just weeks away!

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As featured in News Australia

News Australia
News Australia Daily News Publication in Australia

As featured in Engineering & Technology

Engineering & Technology
Engineering & Technology Technology Publication in the UK

As featured in the New York Post – July 2017

New York Post
New York Post Daily Newspaper in New York City, USA

As Featured in The Scotsman – July 2017

The Scotsman
The Scotsman UK Newpaper Article

Latest News

EX Doll DS Dolls Robotic Technology Video

Unofficial EX Doll Robotic Technology Video by Ruptly

100% Unofficial Video Release about the EX Doll and DS Dolls Robotic Technology  Whilst the video is indeed unofficial and not released by EX Doll / DS Dolls themselves, it is showing how close the release is going to be! It has been compiled by Russian media company Ruptly. We are so excited!

Robotic Head Second Generation

Robotic Head Second Generation The second version of the head is still under development and will be more of an AI experience. She will be able to converse and answer questions by searching answers from both a programmed database and on the internet. She will have neck movement and be automated to blink, nod her […]

Robotic Sex Doll Head First Generation

Robotic Sex Doll Head First Generation The price point, we anticipate will be between $1,800 & $2,200 (head only) or £1500 to £1800. The first version is almost ready for market and is due to be released in early 2018. This will be a head that is able to produce facial expressions, blink, smile, all controlled […]

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